Visual ACE-GOLD Jewellery Business Management Software (VAG)

Visual ACE-GOLD Enterprise Jewellery Business Management ERP Software (VAGE) is the latest next-generation version of a comprehensive Jewellery Business Management Solutions for Any Size, Any Type, Any Product/Service, backed by experience of 25+ years with thousands of jewellery clients. We are fairly confident to say that it may be the only jewellery ERP in the world with such credentials. In the core jewellery market like Dubai or UAE, VAGE (together will all previous versions of VAGE) is the most-popular, most-reputed jewellery ERP being used by majority of the market.

Visual ACE-GOLD Enterprise Jewellery Business Management ERP Software (VAGE)
Visual ACE-GOLD Enterprise Jewellery Business Management ERP Software (VAGE) is the latest next-generation software launched by Emirates Business Management. The latest release is available for new jewellery clients, as well as for upgrade to existing jewellery clients. The details of VAGE are as under:

What is new?
  • Single integrated enterprise multi-branch/division/location*, multi-year database for single or multiple branch/division/location/year reports and analysis
  • Centralised, Integrated, Enterprise-wide Management & Control
  • Saves tremendous manpower (upto 70%) and eliminate human errors by integrated multi-branch entries (Inter-Branch Stock Transfers, JVs, Payments, Receipts etc) with automated inter-branch entries
  • Consolidated Reports: Branch/Division-wise or consolidated Financial Statements, Stock Balance, Sales Analysis & many more reports & analysis
  • Fast, Powerful, Secured Database – self-managed and license-free or MsSQL version*, with much lesser data-corruptions/crashes, less support required
  • Suitable versions* to suit any level of operations: 1 to 1000 Users/Branches
  • ERP version* – with integrated modules: Accounts & Finance, Sales & Distribution, Procurement, Materials Management, Retail, Manufacturing, Utilities & Maintenance etc; with approx. 10 times more menu items, power & functionality
  • Cost-Center Analysis – provides in-depth analysis beyond statement of accounts – for advanced micro analysis of hundreds of accounts – for decision making
  • Based on ever reliable Microsoft Visual Technology compatible with Windows7
  • Powerful Management Reports & Graphical Analysis
  • Multi-level (4/6*-Levels) reports with Report Templates to save repeated choices
  • Powerful Report Writer* – modify, copy, save multiple reports
  • Definable Documents* – with many definable features for each
  • Document Authorisation* – for authorized users, for digital authorization/control
  • Document Attachment Module* – attach any file with any transaction/master to create easily accessible Document Archive for paperless digital office management
  • Powerful Secured User Rights for each Transaction (or most Masters) for each function – Add/Edit/Delete/Print/Reprint and many more functions
  • Elegant, Corporate & Professional Design with Improved Interface & functionality
  • Dynamic, multi-level icon bar at top and in menu; Transaction Icon Bar for ease

    Plus the existing great features!
  • For any product*: Gold/Diamond/Pearl Jewellery & Watches, Bullion, Loose Dia.
  • For any Business*: Wholesale, Retail, Manufacturing, Trading
  • Multi-User* (Local & Remote), Multi-Currency, Multi-Language*
  • Integrated Accounts, Inventory Control, Management Reports
  • Advanced Solutions*: Barcoding, RFID Inventory Control, Picture Catalogues, Studio Box, Pocket PC for outdoor sales/use, Retail Customer Relation Management, SMS/Email/Loyalty Cards, Item Certificates, Payroll & Personnel Management, Employee ID Cards, W.Scale Interface, PDF interface; many more…

    Why VAGE / EBM?

    EBM’s management are pioneers and first to start jewellery business management software 25 years ago – and has majority market-share – with continuous upgrades, support and proven track record till-date – backed by experience with 3000 jewellers in 30 countries! No other software can claim anything even near to this. There may be other software in the market – but they are either our cheap inferior clones, or based on our pirated source codes/technology by dishonest people looking for quick bucks!

    *Note: The information under this website is for general information and include optional modules, contact us for specific proposal or details
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