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Al Hosn JewelleryMr. Rafif TarabishiUAEAbu DhabiWHOLESALERS
Masood JewelleryMr. Rafif TarabishiUAEAbu DhabiWHOLESALERS
Princess JewelleryMr. RiazUAEAl AinWHOLESALERS
Afshar JewellersMr. Ian AfsharUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Ahmed Mashayegh JewelleryMr. Ahmed MashayeghUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
A. J. & Sons JewelleryThe ManagerUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Al Alawi JewelleryMr. Malhotra / Mr. DhirubhaiUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Al Anaqa JewelleryMr. SalehUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Al Bahraini JewelleryMr. SalahUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Al Bassa JewelleryMr. HemantUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Al Hakkam JewelleryMr. MubarakUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Al Haseena JewellersMr. HajiUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Al Janadriah JewelleryMr. Saeed MansourUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Al Kaabi JewelleryMr. Shashi SahdevUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Al Kowthar JewelleryMr. TheraniUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Al Madba JewelleryMr. TarekUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Al Manahil JewellersMr. Bernard TanUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Al Mowaiji JewelleryMr. P.C. JainUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Al Nukhilat JewelleryMr. Samir MehliaUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Al Rawi JewellryMr. Mahesh BhaiUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Al Riffa JewellersMr. Manish BhagwanjiUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Al Romaizan JewelleryMr. AshurUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Al Romaizan Jewellery (Gold Centre)Mr. Jazzim UAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Al Saate’e JewelleryMr. Sate’eUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Al Salam JewellersMr. Malik/AbbasUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Al Sayyad JewelleryMr. JamalUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Al Shahba JewelelrsMr. Charanjith Singh UAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Al Tala JewelleryMr. George/RogerUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Al Yamama JewelleryMr. SalemUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Al Zahra JewelleryMr. FayezUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Abida JewelleryMr. Iqbal Habib Chithiwala UAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Alukkas Jewaellery Mr. Joy AlukkasUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
ARY Jewellery Mr. Iqbal/Haneef/AfsalUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
BA Ali JewelleryMr. AzhariUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Belgium Diamonds JewelleryMr. Sanjay SiroyaUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Beyroha TradersMr. Najmuddin SathakUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Bin Sumaida JewelleryMr. Mubarak SumaidaUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Brightworld Mr. Praful Soni/KirtiUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Brilliant DiamondMr. PareshbhaiUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Century JewelleryMr. HameedUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Deepu JewellersMr. Kishore DhakanUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Deeri JewelleryMr. Mohd.UAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Devji Purshotham JewellersMr. KishoreUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Dhamani Jewels Mr. Amit DhamaniUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Dhanak JewellersMr. PareshUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Diamante JewelleryMr. V.D. Patel / Mr. JunaidUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Didi’s JewelleryMr. VijayUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Emirates European General Trading L.L.C.Mr. Rafie / Mr. Prasad UAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
FA.V.OR JewellersMr. Dilip / ThomasUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Fancy JewelleryMr. Mohammed RafikUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Finja JewelleryMr. Harish PahujaUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Ghassan JewelleryMr. Mohammed Al NemerUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Golden City JewellersMr. PrinceUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Golden Flower JewelleryMr. HamedUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Golden Place JewelleryMr. Elias / IbrahimUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Habib JewelleryMr. Rami KhouryUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Hami JewelleryMr. HamiUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Ismail JewelleryMr. IsmailUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Infinity Diamond L.L.C.Mr. Zahid RizwanUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
IMG TradingMr. Zahid RizwanUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Jamal JewelleryMr. JamilUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Jewel TradingMr. Shekhar V. PatniUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Joder JewelleryMr. JackUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Kaloti JewelleryMr. Munir KalotiUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Karisma Jewellery Mr. Sarven SemerciyanUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Lakhoo JewelleryMr. Naval VedUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Mahallati JewellersMr. Karim MahallatiUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Manzoor JewellersMr. ManzoorUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Mohinder Trading Co. LLCMr. Mohinder SinghUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Moon JewelleryMr. Mohammed FaizalUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Musalli JewelleryMr. SaidUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
N.A. JewelleryMr. Azhar HusseinUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Nada JewelleryMr. BidrouseUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Nanjee Parshotam JewelleryMr. Deepak SagarUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Nature JewelleryMr. Rashid NoimiUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Noble JewelleryMr. Viswas / Mr. ManishUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Oska Jewellery Mr. Michel/JosephUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Passi JewelleryMr. VermaUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Pearl Enterprises Mr. Chetan KaraniUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Pourhang JewelleryMr. PourhangUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Prism JewelleryMr. Rajesh ParekhUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Qahtan JewelleryMr. Jawad AliUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Queens JewelleryMr. AhmedUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Radwan DiamondsMr. Ameer RadwanUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Ramniklal JewelleryMr. PitambarbhaiUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Ranoon JewelleryMr. CherianUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Reems JewelleryMr. Kurken/Altaf/GabiUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Regal JewellersMr. Ashok ChandaniUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Rocco EnterprisesMs. Andrea BeniniUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Roopam JewelleryMr. Narender SoniUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Samer JewelleryMr. AymanUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Samra JewelleryMr. Salim Abou SamraUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
SEMBI JewelleryMr. Rabi AhmedUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Shantilal JewellersMr. VijayUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Shattaf JewellersMr. Humaid ShattafUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Shayan JewellersMr. Vakil / Mr. KurianUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Shehrzade JewelleryMr. Mohd. AmerUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Shubam JewelleryMr. LalitUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Siddhi JewellersMr. Nitesh MandaliUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Simya Jewellery Mr. Gihan KamerUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Siroya JewellersMr. Chandu SiroyaUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Smit Gold LLCMr. Bharatkumar SagarUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Sona JewelleryMr. Nitesh MandaliUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Soni Gold LLCMr. Sudhir Soni/Bhavik UAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Super Jewels Ltd.Mr. Sachiv MehtaUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Swiss GoldMr. Majid / Riad / FarooqUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
TessoriMr. Inayath / Mr. ShoebUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Union JewellersMr. MaheshUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Universal Pearls and GemsMr. SunilUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Zaree TradingMr. Mohd. Al HajUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Zumruda JewellersMr. Haji Abbas/FazelUAEDubaiWHOLESALERS
Al Ajwa GoldsmithMr. Sajid AliUAESharjahWHOLESALERS
Al Fardan Art & Jewellery FactoryMr. WasimUAESharjahWHOLESALERS
Al Madaka JewelleryMr. TarekUAESharjahWHOLESALERS
Al Manoora JewellersMr. JayeshbhaiUAESharjahWHOLESALERS
J.J.& SonsMr. TarunbhaiUAESharjahWHOLESALERS
Ajanta Jewellers Mr. Tushar PatniUAEAbu DhabiRETAILERS
Al Ain Jewellery (3 Shops)Mr. Faruk BarakkatUAEAbu DhabiRETAILERS
Al Hosn Jewellery (5 Shops)Mr. Rafif TarabishiUAEAbu DhabiRETAILERS
Al Jazira Jewellery (16 Shops)Mr. Hassan AliUAEAbu DhabiRETAILERS
Al Manal Jewellery Mr. Kassem HaddadUAEAbu DhabiRETAILERS
Al Mouad JewelleryMr. GhassanUAEAbu DhabiRETAILERS
Al Sayegh JewelleryMr. Mohd. AzamUAEAbu DhabiRETAILERS
Alukkas JewelleryMr. Joy AlukkasUAEAbu DhabiRETAILERS
Amin JewellersThe ManagerUAEAbu DhabiRETAILERS
Anand JewelleryMr. Tushar PatniUAEAbu DhabiRETAILERS
Asif JewellersMr. MadhavUAEAbu DhabiRETAILERS
Atlas JewelleryMr. RamachandranUAEAbu DhabiRETAILERS
Baniyas JewelleryThe ManagerUAEAbu DhabiRETAILERS
Chemmannur JewellersMr. Vincent ChemmannurUAEAbu DhabiRETAILERS
European JewelleryMr. Mohd. TayyebUAEAbu DhabiRETAILERS
Ezaila Elite Est.Mr. Aref ItaniUAEAbu DhabiRETAILERS
Laxmi Jewellers (2 Branches)Mr. KamleshUAEAbu DhabiRETAILERS
Masood JewelleryMr. Rafif TarabishiUAEAbu DhabiRETAILERS
New Gold Centre (4 Branches)Mr. Richard WasonUAEAbu DhabiRETAILERS
Rajesh JewelleryMr. RajeshUAEAbu DhabiRETAILERS
Reems JewelleryMr. GabyUAEAbu DhabiRETAILERS
Sagar JewelleryMr. K.B. SagarUAEAbu DhabiRETAILERS
Salem Al Shueibi Jewellery (10 Branches) Mr. Gamal SalamaUAEAbu DhabiRETAILERS
Siddique Jewellers (4 Branches)Mr. JavedUAEAbu DhabiRETAILERS
Tadmor Jewellery (3 Branches)Mr. Wasfi TarabishiUAEAbu DhabiRETAILERS
Abeer Al Warood JewelleryThe ManagerUAEAjmanRETAILERS
Al Abeer JewelleryThe ManagerUAEAl AinRETAILERS
Al Amira JewelleryThe ManagerUAEAl AinRETAILERS
Al Anaqa JewelleryMr. SunnyUAEAl AinRETAILERS
Al Badia Jewellery (8 Branches)Mr. SunnyUAEAl AinRETAILERS
Al Buteen JewelleryMr. SunnyUAEAl AinRETAILERS
Al Mandooz JewellleryThe ManagerUAEAl AinRETAILERS
Al Manoouse JewelleryMr. SunnyUAEAl AinRETAILERS
Al Nasr JewelleryMr. VijiUAEAl AinRETAILERS
Al Noukhata JewelleryMr. SunnyUAEAl AinRETAILERS
Amin JewellersThe ManagerUAEAl AinRETAILERS
Asma JewelleryMr. SalimUAEAl AinRETAILERS
Baniyas JewelleryThe ManagerUAEAl AinRETAILERS
Bhagwanji Jewellers (3 Shops)Mr. Suresh / ManishUAEAl AinRETAILERS
Himmatlal Jewellers (3 Branches)The ManagerUAEAl AinRETAILERS
Jasmin Jewellery (2 Branches)Mr. Vishal / NitinbhaiUAEAl AinRETAILERS
Leeva JewelleryMr. SunnyUAEAl AinRETAILERS
Princess JewelleryMr. RiazUAEAl AinRETAILERS
Solitaire JewelleryMr. SunnyUAEAl AinRETAILERS
Aabharan JewelleryMr. V. GunasekharanUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Ahmed Ali JewelleryMr. Hassan AliUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Al Amsar JewellersMr. Amu BhaiUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Al Anaqa JewelleryMr. SalehUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Al Anwar Jewellery (2 Branches)Mr. Rajesh PopleyUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Al Asif Jewellers (3 Branches)Mr. AsifUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Al Batin Goldsmith Co.Mr. MukundUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Al Burgan JewellersDr. JhadavUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Al Doha JewelelryMr. Essa E.UAEDubaiRETAILERS
Al Farsi JewellersMr. Narendra KumarUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Al Fujairah Jewellers (3 Branches)Mr. Mohammad MubarakUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Al Haseena (5 Branches)Mr. HajiUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Al Hira DiamondMr. KeyurUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Al Janadriah Jewellery (3 Branches)Mr. Saeed MansourUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Al Kanz Jewellers (3 Branches)Mr. AnilUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Al Kowthar JewelleryMr. TheraniUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Al Liali Jewellery (5 Branches)Mr. Anurag SinhaUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Al Maha Jewellery (3 Branches)Mr. DilipUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Al Mowaiji Jewellery Mr. P.C. JainUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Al Muftah JewelleryMr. AhmedUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Al Nafis (4 Branches)Mr. Rajesh DhakanUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Al Noor JewelleryMr. HilalUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Al Qabel JewelleryMr. Gurwant SahijaUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Al Rawi JewelleryMr. Mahesh BhaiUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Al Salam JewelleryMr. Malik/AbbasUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Al Sukhon Jewellery (4 Branches)Mr. MohammadUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Al Taufiq Jewellery (2 Branches)Mr. YogeshUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Al Yasin JewellersMr. HasmukhUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Al Zahra (3 Branches)Mr. Fayez/KiranUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Alukkas Jewellery (30 Branches)Mr. Joy AlukkasUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Anjali JewelleryMr. PraveenbhaiUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Arousa JewelleryThe ManagerUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Arshi JewelleryMr. Akram IbrahimUAEDubaiRETAILERS
ARY Jewellery (15 Branches)Mr. Iqbal/Haneef/AfsalUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Atlas Jewellery (30 Branches)Mr. RamachandranUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Ayodhya JewellersMr. VinayakUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Barakat Jewellers (5 Branches)Mr. Fazel BarakatUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Bhaskar JewellersMr. BhaskarUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Bin Hendi (3 Branches)Mr. TanvirUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Bin Sabt JewelleryMr. Harish PawaniUAEDubaiRETAILERS
CLIO Jewellery (5 Branches)Mr. Omar Al AttarUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Cobochan JewelleryMs. NadaUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Dhakan (8 Branches)Mr. Rathubhai/ HiteshUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Dhanji Motiram (3 Branches)Mr. KirtiUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Dulabdas Jewellers (3Branches)Mr. BhaskarUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Empire JewelleryMr. VirenUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Eternity Jewellery (2 Branches)Mr. SubashUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Euro Gold Jewellery Mr. Shekhar V. PatniUAEDubaiRETAILERS
European Jewellers (4 Branches)Mr. EliasUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Exim JewellersMr. JayeshbhaiUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Farhan Jewellery (3 Branches)Mr. Deepak/Mr. AtharUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Finiqi JewelleryMr. NasserUAEDubaiRETAILERS
G.B.Jewellers (3 Branches)Mr. ManojUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Geetha JewelleryMr. JairajUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Ghassan JewelelryMr. Mohd. Al NemerUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Gold Craft JewellersMr. HareshbhaiUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Gold House Co. L.L.C. (2 Branches)Mr. ShashikumarUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Gold House JewelleryThe ManagerUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Gold Point JewelleryMr. Kayur / Mr. GeorgeUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Golden City JewellersMr. Prince JosephUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Golden Crown JewelleryMr. Minto BhaiUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Hameed JewelleryMr. HussamUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Hans Diamond & JewelleryM. PareshUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Harshad JewelleryMr. Harshad/BhupeshUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Hemendra JewelleryMr. KailashUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Highlight JewelleryMr. Anab Aden AwilUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Indian JewelleryMr. Hasit SoniUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Indus JewelleryMr. RaghuUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Jewel Trading (4 Branches)Mr. Shekhar V. PatniUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Juthalal Mulji JewellersMr. AshokUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Karam JewellersMr. Rajesh DhakanUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Karat JewellersMr. JaideepUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Karisma Jewellery Mr. Sarven SemerciyanUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Khushi Jewellers (3 Branches)Mr. KhushiUAEDubaiRETAILERS
La Marquise JewelleryMr. PrasadUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Lakhoo Jewellery (2 Branches)Mr. Naval VedUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Lalchand C. JewellersMr. TulsidasUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Life Style LLC (6 Branches)Mr. MohsenUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Mahallati Jewellery (4 Branches)Mr. Karim/Ameer MahallatiUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Malabar JewelleryMr. Abdul SalamUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Manish JewellersMr. SanjayUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Manoj JewelleryMr. ManojUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Mansouk JewellersMr. Kaushik PatniUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Masoom JewellersMr. HiteshUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Meena JewelleryMr. SanjayUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Mehran JewelleryMr. AbbasUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Mikado Jewellers Int’l. Mr. Naresh C. MakhijaUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Mohanlal Vallabhdas JewellersMr.YogeshUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Mohd. Hashem Kashem JewelleryMr. OmarUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Mubeen DubaiMr. AsifUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Mukund Jewellery (3 Branches)Mr. ChetanUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Mulji Vallabji JewellersMr. Prafulla KumarUAEDubaiRETAILERS
N.A. JewelleryMr. Azhar HusseinUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Nadia JewelleryMr. SuhailUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Nanjee Parshotam JewelleryMr. Deepak SagarUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Navrang JewellersMr. Kantibhai/Mr. HimanshuUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Nefertity JewelleryMs. RaissiUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Nimisha JewelleryMr. SatyanUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Nishant JewelleryMr. Suresh BabuUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Ouzounian JewelleryMr. NasserUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Pacific JewelleryMr. MohideenUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Paktiya JewelleryMr. Amir JanUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Palaces JewelleryMr. BaselUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Paul & Sons JewelleryMr. SebastianUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Pearl Enterprises (2 Branches)Mr. Chetan KaraniUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Pinky JewelleryMr. Rajender JainUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Platinum JewelleryMr. MehmoodUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Popley Kewalram Jewellers (2 Branches)Mr. Laxman PopleyUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Pure Gold Enterprises (5 Branches)Mr. Firoz G. Merchant UAEDubaiRETAILERS
Purushotham Arjan JewelleryMr. VijayUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Qahtan JewelleryMr. Jawad AliUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Queen JewelleryMr. AhmedUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Ramee JewelleryMr. NasserUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Ranoon JewelleryThe ManagerUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Ratan's Jewellers Mr. RatanbhaiUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Regal Jewellers Mr. Ashok ChandaniUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Renee JewelleryMr. Neeraj JainUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Riya JewelleryMr. PraveenbhaiUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Roopam JewelleryMr. Narender SoniUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Rosy JewellersMr. JaiprakashUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Ruby JewellersMr. Sami AhmedUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Safari Gems (3 Branches)Mr. Kaushik PatniUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Sampath Jewellers (2 Branches)Mr. SampathUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Samra Jewellery (10 Branches)Mr. Salim Abou SamraUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Saphire Jewellers (2 Branches)Mr. Yousuf AmiriUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Sarah JewelleryThe ManagerUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Sathyan JewellersMr. KumarUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Sembi JewelleryMr. Rabi AhmedUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Shantilal Jewellers (3 Branches)Mr. VijayUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Shattaf Jewellery (4 Branches)Mr. Humaid ShattafUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Shayan Jewellers (3 Branches)Mr. Vakil/Mr. KurianUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Shehrzade JewelleryMr. Mohd. AmerUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Shining JewelleryMr. Arvind / Mr. UnniUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Shyam Jewellers (2 Jewellers)Mr. KumarUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Siddhi JewellersMr. Nitesh MandaliUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Sidra JewelleryMr. Said Abou SamraUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Sky Jewellers (8 Branches)Mr. Babu JohnUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Softouch JewellersMr. Sunil TalrejaUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Sona JewelleryMr. Nitesh MandaliUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Soni Gold LLCMr. Sudhir Soni/BhavikUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Super Jewels Ltd.Mr. Sachiv MehtaUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Swiss Gold (3 Branches)Mr. Majid/FarooqUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Taif JewellersMr. NadeemUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Tessori (3 Branches)Mr. InayathUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Tribhovandas Bhimji ZaveriMr. Shirish ChoksiUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Tulsidas Harilal JewellersMr. JigneshUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Unique Diamond JewelleryMr. Rajesh UAEDubaiRETAILERS
V. M & Sons JewelleryMr. Anil V. MirchandaniUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Vijaya Jewellery (4 Branches)Mr. NarayananUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Viral JewellersMr. Bharat P. ThaleshwarUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Vishal Jewellers (4 Branches)Mr. ManojUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Wallner Jewellers (5 Branches)Mr. Naji / Ms. ShivaniUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Zaina JewelleryMr. JassimUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Zaveri DiamondsMr. Indrajeet ZaveriUAEDubaiRETAILERS
Al Mubaraqaa JewelleryMr. Abu Talal / Mr. KamelUAEFujairahRETAILERS
Fujairah Jewellery (3 Branches)Mr. AtulUAEFujairahRETAILERS
Manisha JewellersMr. Sanjay UAEFujairahRETAILERS
Sana JewelleryMr. FoxyUAEFujairahRETAILERS
Al Sabaik JewelleryMr. HameedUAESharjahRETAILERS
Al Wara Gold IndustriesMr. Manoj DhakkanUAESharjahRETAILERS
Al Wathba Jewellery (2 Branches)Mr. Vipul/ Mr. JagdishUAESharjahRETAILERS
Al Yarmouk JewelleryMr. SanjayUAESharjahRETAILERS
Alukkas JewelleryMr. Joy AlukkasUAESharjahRETAILERS
Aparna JewelleryMr. SathyanUAESharjahRETAILERS
ARY JewelleryMr. Iqbal/Haneef/AfsalUAESharjahRETAILERS
Asif JewellersMr. MadhavUAESharjahRETAILERS
Atlas JewelleryMr. RamachandranUAESharjahRETAILERS
Brijlal MohanlalMr. JeetuUAESharjahRETAILERS
Design Inn JewelleryMr. ChawdhryUAESharjahRETAILERS
Fashion JewelleryMr. NasserUAESharjahRETAILERS
J.J. & Sons (4 Shops)Mr. TarunbhaiUAESharjahRETAILERS
Jawahar Centre (3 Branches)Mr. ChawdhryUAESharjahRETAILERS
JH JewelleryMr. MiteshUAESharjahRETAILERS
Kairali JewelleryMr. PraveenUAESharjahRETAILERS
Moni JewellersMr. Vijay SoniUAESharjahRETAILERS
Rathod Jewellers (3 Branches)Mr. Sharat/ Mr. NiroshaUAESharjahRETAILERS
Sagar JewellersMr. Deepak SagarUAESharjahRETAILERS
Samra JewelleryMr. Salim Abou SamraUAESharjahRETAILERS
Shaikha JewelleryMr. Mian Mohd. HafeezUAESharjahRETAILERS
Solitaire JewelleryMr. ChawdhryUAESharjahRETAILERS
Suwais Jewellery (2 Branches)Mr. NaveenUAESharjahRETAILERS
Threestar (4 Branches)Mr. Sagar VinodUAESharjahRETAILERS
Vinod JewellersMr. Vinod SagarUAESharjahRETAILERS
Al Amsar JewellersMr. Amu BhaiUAEDubaiBULLION TRADERS
Alpa Goldsmithing (2 BranchesMr. SanjayUAEDubaiBULLION TRADERS
ARY TradersMr. Iqbal/Haneef AfsalUAEDubaiBULLION TRADERS
Golden City JewellersMr. Prince JosephUAEDubaiBULLION TRADERS
Golden CommoditiesMr. Qassim / Mr. MohsenUAEDubaiBULLION TRADERS
Lakhoo JewelleryMr. Naval VedUAEDubaiBULLION TRADERS
Mignas TradingMr. GaneshUAEDubaiBULLION TRADERS
Pure Gold EnterprisesMr. Firoz G. MerchantUAEDubaiBULLION TRADERS
Swiss GoldMr. Majid / FarooqUAEDubaiBULLION TRADERS
Standard BankMr. Fouad Nonoo / Mr. HassanUAEDubaiBULLION TRADERS
Yusuf Nonoo JewelleryMr. Fouad Nonoo / Mr. HassanUAEDubaiBULLION TRADERS
Oman JewellersMr. Suresh M. ChavdaUAEAjmanMANUFACTURERS
Al Mohannat GoldsmithMr. MohannatUAEDubaiMANUFACTURERS
Alpha GoldsmithMr. SanjayUAEDubaiMANUFACTURERS
Dhanak JewellersMr. PareshUAEDubaiMANUFACTURERS
Jewel Tech JewellersMr. Bassim G. CheaibUAEDubaiMANUFACTURERS
N.A. JewelleryMr. Azhar HusseinUAEDubaiMANUFACTURERS
Nature JewelleryMr. Rashid NoimiUAEDubaiMANUFACTURERS
PVD GoldsmithMr. Praful SoniUAEDubaiMANUFACTURERS
Zaree TradingMr. Mohd. Al HajUAEDubaiMANUFACTURERS
Al Batin Goldsmith Co.Mr. MukundUAEDubai MANUFACTURERS
Al Abiyaad Gold FactoryMr. MukeshUAESharjahMANUFACTURERS
Al Fardan JewelleryMr. WasimUAESharjahMANUFACTURERS
Al Inood Gold FactoryMr. Praful Soni/KirtyUAESharjahMANUFACTURERS
Al Marraj Gold IndustriesMr. Zubair AhmedUAESharjahMANUFACTURERS
Al Warood Gold IndustriesMr. Manoj DhakkanUAESharjahMANUFACTURERS
Goldlink FactoryMr. AnilUAESharjahMANUFACTURERS
Kaloti Gold FactoryMr. Munir KalotiUAESharjahMANUFACTURERS
Kuldeep Gold FactoryMr. VijayUAESharjahMANUFACTURERS
Kunal Gold FactoryMr. Babu SoniUAESharjahMANUFACTURERS
Moon GoldsmithMr. VijayUAESharjahMANUFACTURERS
Naval GoldsmithMr. Gaurav KapoorUAESharjahMANUFACTURERS
Omran Italian JewelleryMr. R.S / G.S. GuptaUAESharjahMANUFACTURERS
Samrah Gold FactoryMr. Deepak DhakanUAESharjahMANUFACTURERS
Sanjay Gold FactoryMr. AshokUAESharjahMANUFACTURERS
Shattaf Gold factoryMr. Humaid ShattafUAESharjahMANUFACTURERS
Speed GoldsmithMr. Kishore BhaiUAESharjahMANUFACTURERS
Supreme Gold FactoryMr. KirtiUAESharjahMANUFACTURERS
Union Gold FactoryMr. RamUAESharjahMANUFACTURERS
Vijay Gold FactoryMr. VijayUAESharjahMANUFACTURERS
Al Jamal JewellersMr. YousufBahrainBahrain
Alukkas JewelleryMr. Joy AlukkasBahrainBahrain
Bhagwanji JewellersMr. Suresh/Manish BhagwanjiBahrainBahrain
Jumbo Jewellers (4 Shops)Mr. JanakBahrainBahrain
Shaker & Adel JewelleryMr. KumarBahrainBahrain
Botros JewelleryMr. Alber Farouk IbrahimEgyptEgypt
Botros Valenza JewelleryMr. Alber Farouk IbrahimEgyptEgypt
Didi JewelleryMr. VijayHong KongHong Kong
Mohinder Trading Co. LLCMr. Mohinder SinghIndiaDelhi
Atlas JewelleryMr. RamachandranIndiaKochi (Cochin)
Pt Graha Pesona Mas Sejahtera AbadiMr. Tony TandiaryINDODESIAJakarta
Al Sukhoon Jewellery (2 Branches)Mr. IbrahimJORDANAmman
Abdulla Zamani Gold FactoryMr. Mohd. ZamaniKUWAITKUWAIT
Abdulla Zamani Group of JewellersMr. Mohd. Zamani/ThomasKUWAITKUWAIT
Al Bilad JewelleryMr. KhalilKUWAITKUWAIT
Ali Al Arbash & Sons JewelleryMr. Mohd. Al ArbashKUWAITKUWAIT
Anjana JewelleryMr. SudheeshKUWAITKUWAIT
Growmore General TradingMr. Rakesh K. GambhirKUWAITKUWAIT
Hamad Al Fares & Sons Jewellery Co.Mr. A. Mohsen Al FaresKUWAITKUWAIT
Hamad Al Fares & Sons Jewellery Co.Mr. A. Mohsen Al FaresKUWAITKUWAIT
Jadood Al KhaleejMr. SamirKUWAITKUWAIT
Jadood Al KhaleejMr. SamirKUWAITKUWAIT
Jawahara JewellersMr. Faisal A. Al FarisKUWAITKUWAIT
M. K. Sakarachi Co.Mr. Joseph N.G.KUWAITKUWAIT
Mysore JewellersMr. JhadavKUWAITKUWAIT
Orient JewelleryThe ManagerKUWAITKUWAIT
Orient JewelleryThe ManagerKUWAITKUWAIT
Oxford JewelleryMr. OsamaKUWAITKUWAIT
Oxford JewelleryMr. OsamaKUWAITKUWAIT
R & H Arbash JewelleryMr. Abdul Ridha Al ArbashKUWAITKUWAIT
Sabah Al AttarMr. SabahKUWAITKUWAIT
Samra JewelleryMr. SaidKUWAITKUWAIT
Samra JewelleryMr. Salim Abou SamraKUWAITKUWAIT
Swissa Jewellery Co. LLCMr. KarimKUWAITKUWAIT
Tech. Mfg. JewellersMr. FadiKUWAITKUWAIT
Teegan JewelleryMr. Mahar AzamKUWAITKUWAIT
Warood Al Yasmin JewelleryMr. RajabKUWAITKUWAIT
Habib JewelleryMr. HabibLEBANONBeirut
Jamal JewelleryMr. JamilLEBANONBeirut
Jewel Tech JewelleryMr. BassamLEBANONBeirut
Taiba JewelleryMr. Mohd AshrafiLEBANONBeirut
M.K. Sakarachi Co.Mr. Joseph N.G.MalaysiaMalaysia
Alukkas JewelleryMr. Joy AlukkasOmanMuscat
Atlas JewelleryMr. RamchandranOmanMuscat
ARY JewelleryMr. HanifOmanMuscat
Tessori Jewellery Mr. Hanif MerchantPAKISTANKarachi
Al Javad JewellersMr. YousufQATARDoha
Al Sulaiman JewellersMr. Hemant M. JhaveriQATARDoha
Alukkas JewelleryMr. Joy AlukkasQATARDoha
Lulu Centre GroupThe ManagerQATARDoha
Prakkat JewellersMr. Jiji AbrahamQATARDoha
House of Exports Mr. Haja NizamuddinSingaporeSingapore
Jumbo Gold Industries PTEMr. Bernard / Mr. DickSingaporeSingapore
Mectafinance Mr. Robert MecattafSWITZERLANDZurich
Arous Al Bahrain Jewellery (5 Branches)Mr. Abdul HadiSAUDI ARABIADammam
Ghassan JewelleryMr. Ibrahim Al NemerSAUDI ARABIADammam
Hussain Al Nemer JewelleryHussein Al NemerSAUDI ARABIADammam
Sona Jewellery Mr. MohanSAUDI ARABIADammam
Abulkhair Jewellery (4 Branches)The ManagerSAUDI ARABIAJeddah
Ahmed Ali Al Mohd Ammari Est. (4 Br)Ahmed Ali M. Al Ammari SAUDI ARABIAJeddah
Ahmed Younes JewelleryMr. Ahmed YounesSAUDI ARABIAJeddah
Al Shoura JewellaryMr. WazedSAUDI ARABIAJeddah
Bin Mehri Jewellery (4 Branches)Mr. NasserSAUDI ARABIAJeddah
International Jewellery CentreThe ManagerSAUDI ARABIAJeddah
Majdi Al Raies Jewellery (10 Branches)Mr. MajidSAUDI ARABIAJeddah
Masagh For Gold & Jewellery (4 Branches)Mr. Nasir S. Al AamriSAUDI ARABIAJeddah
Mathbouli & Co.The ManagerSAUDI ARABIAJeddah
Mohammed RizqMr. Mohammed RizqSAUDI ARABIAJeddah
Mubarak Bin SmedaMr. MubarakSAUDI ARABIAJeddah
Musalli & Riaz ShopsMr. MamdoohSAUDI ARABIAJeddah
Musalli FactoryMr. MamdoohSAUDI ARABIAJeddah
Sona Jewellery Mr. MohanSAUDI ARABIAJeddah
Taiba Jewellery (4 Branches)Mr. AlaSAUDI ARABIAJeddah
Ali Fahed Al Shakka (13 Branches)Mr. Abdul RehmanSAUDI ARABIARiyadh
Abdul Mohsen Al Fayyad Jewellery Mr. Abdul MohsenSAUDI ARABIARiyadh
Mohd Al Fayyad JewelleryMr. Mohd. Al FayyadSAUDI ARABIARiyadh
Mohd. Al Romaizan Trading Est.Mr. TalabSAUDI ARABIARiyadh
Musalli FactoryMr. MamdoohSAUDI ARABIARiyadh
Sona Jewellery (5 Branches)Mr. MohanSAUDI ARABIARiyadh
Suliman Al Othaim (5 Branches)Mr. SulaimanSAUDI ARABIARiyadh
Simya JewelleryMr. HaldoonTURKEYIstambol
Bipin JewelleryMr. Bipin BhaiUNITED KINGDOM (ENGLAND)England
Mulji JewelleryMr. Dilip BhaiUNITED KINGDOM (ENGLAND)England
P.B.L. Jewellers Ltd.Mr. Prashant SoniUNITED KINGDOM (ENGLAND)England
Ram JewellersMr. Mehul BhaiUNITED KINGDOM (ENGLAND)England
Sun Gold Ltd.Mr. Mukund BhaiUNITED KINGDOM (ENGLAND)England
Chee’s JewelleryMr. John CheeSOUTH AMERICASurinam
Artinian Co. Ltd.The ManagerTHAILANDBangkok
General Silver & Gold Ltd.Mr. Sunil JainTHAILANDBangkok
Mahallati Jewellery FactoryMr. Karim MahallatiTHAILANDBangkok
Samara Int’l. Diamond Mfg. Co. Ltd.Mr. Salim Abou SamraTHAILANDBangkok
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