Jewellery Business/Product Verticals

Visual ACE-GOLD Enterprise Jewellery Business Management ERP Software (VAGE) provides a suitable solution for any Jewellery Business or Product Vertical, covering all the unique aspects for each. VAGE allows any complex combination of any of these Business/Product Verticals into a single or a Group of Business Units. Following are the details:

  • Business Verticals
    • Retail
    • Wholesale
    • Manufacturing
    • Services

Jewellery Retail Management
Some of the Special features for Jewellery Retail in Visual ACE-GOLD Enterprise Jewellery Business Management ERP Software (VAGE) are as under:
  • Retail Product Verticals
    • Gold Jewellery
    • Diamond & Pearl Jewellery
    • Silver / Platinum Jewellery
    • Bullion (Gold/Silver/Platinum/Palladium)
    • Loose Diamond/Colour Stones/Pearls
    • Watches & Accessories
    • Repair Services
    • Other Items/Services
  • Special Retail Features:
    • Single Retail Store, or a Chain of Retail Stores, connected to a centralized Server at Management Office
    • Local or Remote Software Users as required
    • Retail Invoicing in multiple copies
    • Multiple Mode of Payments in single Invoice Cash, Credit Card, Cheque, etc, fully definable
    • Automatic Entry for Credit Card Commissions
    • Daily Retail Sales Report – to Reconcile Collections
    • Gold Scrap/Old Gold Exchange in the Retail Invoice
    • Control on Gold/Metal Rate
    • Control on Minimum Sales Price
    • Barcoding option for quick Sales & Inventory Checking
    • RFID option for quick Sales & Inventory Checking
    • Periodical or Perpetual Physical Stock Checking, with automatic differences and adjustments, maintaining complete history of each Checking
    • Sales Returns
    • Optional Certificate Printing for Diamond Jewellery or Loose Diamond
    • Optional Retail Sales Order
    • Optional Repair Order
    • Optional Retail Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Module:
      • Retail Customer Database – maintaining complete information about any Customer – Name, Gender, Area, Type, Nationality, Mobile, Email, Birthdate, Wedding Anniversary Date, etc
      • Retail Sales History – complete history for any specific Customer – all Sales done at any Branches
      • Privilege/Loyalty Card Module
      • Retail Customer SMS Marketing Module
      • Retail Customer Email Marketing Module
      • Retail Customer Address Label Printing for Greeting/Invitation Card Marketing
      • Retail Customer Profile Analysis Module (By Gender, Nationality, Age, Area, Type, etc)
      • Special Retail Customer Schemes for Loyal Customers
    • Many more Retail Features
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