About Visual ACE-GOLD ERP

Visual ACE-GOLD Enterprise Jewellery Business Management ERP Software (VAGE) is the latest next-generation version of a comprehensive Jewellery Business Management Software Solutions for Any Size, Any Type, Any Product/Service, backed by experience of 25+ years with thousands of jewellery clients. We are fairly confident to say that it may be the best jewellery ERP Software in the world with such credentials. In the core jewellery market like Dubai or UAE, VAGE (together will all previous versions of VAGE) is the most popular Jewellery ERP Software in Dubai, UAE, with clients in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, GCC, MENA, Middle-East, India, Pakistan, South-Asia, China, Malaysia, UK, USA, Turkey, Lebanon, and rest of the world. Visual ACE-GOLD ERP, is the top Jewellery ERP Software being used by majority of the market.

Comprehensive & Integrated Jewellery ERP

Visual ACE-GOLD Enterprise Jewellery Business Management ERP Software (VAGE) provides an integrated comprehensive solution for all Jewellery Business Management requirements in its entirety, by offering different software/modules and advanced solutions, as per following details:

  • Any Size of Jewellery Business: VAGE is fully scalable to offer different levels of jewellery business - Large Enterprises with complex structures of Retail/Wholesale/Manufacturing in Multi-Branch, Multi-Company environment, or Jewellery Retail-Chain of Stores, or Jewellery SMEs (Small or Medium Enterprises), or even Micro-Level (Single Shop/Kiosk, Goldsmith), etc.
  • Any Jewellery Product/Service: Gold Jewellery, Diamond Jewellery, Pearl Jewellery, Silver Jewellery, Platinum Jewellery, Bullion (Gold/Silver/Platinum/Palladium), Loose Diamond/Colour Stones/Pearls, Watches & Accessories, Gold Laboratories, Jewellery Equipment/Boxes/Supplies, Commodity Trading, Services, etc.
  • Advanced Solutions: VAGE offers mainstream modules to manage the business, as well as many advanced solutions for high-end automation and business-intelligence & analysis tools
  • Jewellery-specialised Professional Services: EBM Group consist of 3 companies – Emirates Business Management, Visual ACE Business Solutions, and Kant and Clients Auditors & Chartered Accountants. Apart from ERP Solutions for Jewellery or any other business, EBM Group provides other jewellery-specialised professional services, including Business Setup at DMCC/Offshore/LLC, Auditing, Accounting, Accounts Supervision, Management Consulting, Business-Excellence Consulting, Bank Finance, Business Profile & Projections, Feasibility Studies, Recruitment, etc.
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